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Wet plate collodion Tintype: WHAT IS IT???

A Tintype or Ambrotype is like a 19th Century Polaroid on metal/glass. It requires a plate, some chemistry (collodion, silver nitrate, fixer, developer & varnish), LOTS OF LIGHT, and a touch of wizardry. In the end, you get an image that you cannot replicate. Not a Print. A direct positive image. A photograph sometimes scarred with unique artifacts that are part of your experience through the process. It is an experience. A step away from our digital lives. A tintype can survive hundreds of years and become an heirloom. Enjoy the experience.


Great question. This process is sensitive to colors in a different way. Textures and patterns are great. Avoid wearing solid black as black absorbs light. Also, red will appear dark, but blue is your friend. Blue will show up light in color. Scarves, collars, jewelry….all good.

8×10 Tintype, The Neighbors

4×5 Tintype, John
4×5 Tintype, Preston & Barbara
8×10 Tintype, Mike & Bike
4×5 Tintype

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