Wet Plate Collodion

The idea of photography has changed drastically over the last several decades. Not just how we do it, but how we think it and how we create it. My personal photographic journey was stagnant with a big digital camera and another one in my pocket. It wasn’t evolving. I wasn’t evolving. I took a few steps back to film and polaroids. This satisfied my creative itch but what I was really missing was the process. The Wet Plate Process holds it all for me. It is a true creation. From metal/glass/silver, a box and some light to a display of your process that you can hold and watch appear. It’s mystical, brilliant, and beautiful. And it feels sacred each time it is done.

Pacific Southwest Building. Fresno, Ca 2019
Blood Oranges Harvest. Central Valley, Ca 2019
Tony Persons, Tower District. Fresno, Ca.

Edwards. Riverbank, Ca